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TAİLOR MADE İN TURKEY is a Turkish tourism agency, based in Cappadocia, with state-registered guides and almost twenty years of experience. Our clients are people who appreciate unspoilt nature, historical and cultural sites, the sea, the mountains, trekking, sunshine, meeting new people, trying new foods, enjoying successful, happy holidays.

TAİLOR MADE İN TURKEY means that you are not just slotted into a pre-existing group. Your dates for travel are fixed by you and you alone. The itinerary for your stay is agreed and prepared by you and us communicating via the internet or telephone or both. You tell us what you want from your visit: sea, beaches, a guide, islands, a boat, trekking routes on the coast or in the mountains (such as the Taurus); maybe you want to visit historic and/or cultural sites, take part in open air activities (hiking, horse riding, cycling, kayaking in the sea or rivers, paragliding, climbing, scuba diving, etc). You give us an idea of the kind of accommodation you would like: staying with locals, guest houses (we guarantee they will be quiet and comfortable), or in hotels offering the height of comfort and luxury. You specify if you wish to be accompanied by an English speaking guide (our guides are highly qualified and state-registered), or if you would prefer to travel independently following our written instructions. You tell us if you want us to organize a vehicle for you, with or without a driver. Give us an idea of your budget for your holiday.  And so, over time, we will work with you to plan your visit to the particular area of Turkey you wish to explore.


Some suggestions: Istanbul, the ancient Byzantium and historic Constantinople. The Bosphorus and Black Sea coast. The Dardanelles with ancient sites of Troy and Ephesus.   The Mediterranean and Aegean seas (the Lycian Way and villages which lie in the ancient kingdom of Lycia). Cappadocia with its mysterious lunar landscapes.And there are many other possibilities to truly experience a Tailor made holiday in Turkey.


For your future holiday in Turkey whether it be an activity holiday involving trekking, or a relaxing stay involving visits to ancient sites, choose a tailor made journey. It will fit your budget, be designed specifically for your family, or small, private group, take place at the time of your choice, to meet your taste, personality and originality. All aspects of your unique visit will be organized by us to suit you.

And, working together, you and us, we will create tailor made itineraries for all your future Journeys in Turkey. 



20+ Years of Experience

1.We work with you via email and telephone throughout the planning stage to ensure you get the holiday that you want. This applies if you are traveling alone, as a couple, family with children or a group of friends, etc. Whether or not you require a local English speaking guide. If you want a vehicle with or without a driver. If you prefer the beach or the mountains. Which historic and cultural sites you want to visit and whether or not you want to take part in sporting activities. Your choice of accommodation will also be determined: staying with locals, in guest houses, bed and breakfast, simple (but always comfortable) or luxurious hotels. Everything to ensure your tailor made holiday is exactly what you want will be agreed. And there is no charge for this work.  

Reasonable Price

2- Our agency is based in Cappadocia in the very heart of Turkey and all our guides are state-registered English speakers.  They know the history of the Turks and the different background that has led to the modern state of Turkey. They are familiar with the historic sites and local culture, all of which they will share with you. You will have a relaxing and enriching holiday in their care.  Whether or not you choose to have a guide you can contact us 24/7 throughout your stay if you have any problems or questions at all. 

Professional Local Tour Guide

3-You will meet local people in towns and the countryside.  You can choose to stay with locals. You may experience the way of life of the town-dweller, the peasant, the fisherman, the artisan, etc. You will see apricots and pimentos drying on rooftops in the villages. You may encounter donkeys and wild horses. You can fish for bass or bream. We can show you the silk making process, from cocoons to finished garments. You can watch cheese and Turkish delight being made.

24/7 Friendly Support

4-We are committed to respect for the environment and observe all local regulations with regard to waste screening/recycling, we leave no trace of our passing through nature. With regard to food, we will recommend local specialities produced with ingredients that are locally sourced, in season, organic and natural.

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Amazing tour with Cititours.
Mario the tour guide is exceptional. Funny and entertaining. This tour worths every penny. I would recommend this for everybody.
Sarah Bennett
United States
Amazing tour with Cititours.
Mario the tour guide is exceptional. Funny and entertaining. This tour worths every penny. I would recommend this for everybody.
Cynthia Morgan
United States
Amazing tour with Cititours.
Mario the tour guide is exceptional. Funny and entertaining. This tour worths every penny. I would recommend this for everybody.
Austin Oliver
United States

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