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Individual and tailor made holidays in Turkey: Turkey fascinates, intrigues and attracts. The history of this eastern, asiatic land, which also lies partly within Europe, and that of its curiously different people, and the story of how it became a nation (it has been a Republic since 1923) affects everyone. It is a superb country (sea, mountains, arresting landscapes) with generous sunshine, a profusion of historic sites and ancient ruins, a very diverse population now united as Turks - which today means those who live in modern Turkey and not just descendants of the original Turks who came from the high plateaus of the Altai mountains)  all this creates a richly colored tapestry for you to explore and be enchanted by.  But there must be sufficient preparation prior to your visit, a few months is ideal, to ensure its success! We propose to work with you on this preparation: tell us who you are (a married couple, a family with children, a small group of friends, etc.) and what interests you (a mixture of visits to ancient and historical sites, beaches, meeting people, hiking, food, gourmet eating, self-indulgence, following shepherds as they move their flocks to the high pastures, we cannot know until you tell us: give us an idea of what you hope to experience and we will make proposals. Thus your visit will be customized, tailor made, personalized, designed by you (and a little by us) : write to us with your wishes and we will quickly respond with a draft outline for your voyage of discovery that will be tailored to meet your desires! You can get ideas by clicking on: tailor made journeys; start by choosing a theme from the list you will find or contact our trip counsellor direct to help you plan your tailor made visit to Turkey

Tailormade Tours

850€ Three Wonders and many other memorable sights

Three Wonders and many other memorable sights


Walking & Hiking

Small Groups

0 review(s) 10 days
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555€ Self guided Lycian Way

Self guided Lycian Way



Self Guided

0 review(s) 6 days
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1,500€ Cruising and discovering the treasures of Lycia

Cruising and discovering the treasures of Lycia


Sail & Trek

Family Tour

5 1 review 8 days
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950€ Tailor made in Turkey

Treasures of Turkey


Cultural Tours

Tailor Made

0 review(s) 15 days
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550€ Hiking in Cappadocia

Hiking in Cappadocia


Walking & Hiking

Escorted Tour

5 1 review 8 days
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