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Cultural Tour

Cultural Journeys in Turkey: let’s start happily following the traces of Ulysses, king of Ithaca, and then head to even richer territory, to the east (Anatolia where the sun rises) still following the routes of all the Greek mythological heroes and the rich history of this area of Asia: philosophers, mathematicians, architects, the fathers of history, the birthplace of democracy; following Alexander to Troy, Gordion, Antioch. The oldest temple found in the world is located in south Turkey at Göbekli tepe, the oldest town in the world has been excavated at Çatalhöyük south of Konya, the capital city of the Hittites lies north east of Ankara, itself the ancient Ancire later known as Angora. Consider visiting Cappadocia with its lunar landscape and many historic sites, also think about Antioch, Tarsus, Van, Troy, Ephesus! You will be dazzled by the riches: how can it be possible to find such a huge range of rich historical, cultural and natural sites together with such a diverse population in one country? Our programs for cultural journeys in Turkey are based upon your ideas, hopes and instructions: we work together, you and us, to ensure your journey and stay in the country best meets your interests and wishes. Go to our website and take a look at the range of programs on offer. Write to us and let our dialogue begin. 

Cultural Tours

1,500€ Cruising and discovering the treasures of Lycia

Cruising and discovering the treasures of Lycia


Sail & Trek

Family Tour

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950€ Tailor made in Turkey

Treasures of Turkey


Cultural Tours

Tailor Made

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1,100€ Walking the St Paul's Trail

Walking the St Paul’s Trail

Lycian Way


Small Groups

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